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Connecting Isolated Lake Country Seniors to Caring Community Members

Updated: Mar 26

Seniors are some of the loneliest people in society. You can help make a difference in their lives - right here in the community you call home. Donate your time, talents or resources today...

Lake Country Health Planning Society's friendly visiting and volunteer driving program serves to connect isolated seniors to community volunteers. "Our seniors' outreach programs have a significant impact on the lives of local older adults. And in the lives of our committed volunteers," says Tiffany Cudney, Resource Centre Coordinator for LCHPS. 

Helping out, even in the smallest way, can make a real difference to the lives of seniors in need.

This vital senior supports program coordinated through the Lake Country Health Resource Centre works in partnership with United Way Lower Mainland, recruits and matches community volunteers with seniors in need of companionship and transportation.

It has been in place in the community for several years. To help with the process, LCHPS compiles two lists. One of the housebound seniors who need some companionship or rides. The other a list of screened volunteers who are willing to give up a little of their time to bring joy back into the life of an isolated senior. 

"We have enough funding to cover about seven program hours each week - but some weeks it's not enough and we work well past that mark. All of us - volunteers, staff and even the executive director, take calls from seniors who reach out because they are lonely and haven't spoken to anyone in days." said Cudney. "We put aside our to-dos to listen and provide them with a friendly ear and familiar voice."  


Once you are a part of the outreach program, your volunteer activities can range from simply checking in with your senior match every so often to regular home visitation. Those friendly visits can involve chat over a meal, baking together, help with computers, playing cards, help run small errands or a ride to a doctor's appointments. "Volunteers dictate their availability and type of activities they wish to provide." said Cudney.

The program's primary intent is to create friendships between volunteers and seniors to end the isolation that our older adults may experience. Volunteers are also needed during weekdays to help with the coordination of these services. 

Consider supporting this vital community program - financially

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. Your financial gifts will make a significant impact. Requests for services through the LCHPS Resource Centre keep rising. Last year we arranged 509 rides a 22% increase from 2017-18, we answered 1332 service request calls - 18% increase from 2017-18. And, this year we have already seen at least a 20% increase in requests for all services. 

Make a Difference in the Community You Call Home

Seniors are some of the loneliest people in society. You can help make a difference in their lives - right here in the community you call home. Corporate sponsorship and government grants funds are usually project-based and short-term. Finding funding to support the staff in the necessary day-to-day work is difficult. You can help! Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to help fund Core ❤️ Services . And thanks to generous givers like you, we are a quarter of the way to meeting this budgeted goal. 

Say YES to supporting LCHPS… and YOU will create long-lasting, impactful change for lonely seniors living in your community!


• Find out more about volunteer opportunities call us at 778-215-5247 or visit this link

• Donate securely online at LCHPS.com

• Mail your gift to PO Box 41146 RPO S, Lake Country, BC V4V 1Z7

• Drop off your cheque in an envelope marked Core Services to the LCHPS office/Resource Space at 10080 Main Street - across from the IGA parking lot. 

 Please note, LCHPS is a registered Canadian charity. All cash gifts & eligible gifts-in-kind over $25 are tax-deductible & will be receipted accordingly.

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